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Giving WordPress another go?

I was lured off WordPress by static site generators, wikis bells and whistles.

But then I had problems:

  • offline sync between Android, Linux and MacOS
  • Paradox of choice 
  • Complexity involved in rolling my own features to replace what WordPress gives you off the shelf

    Why go back to WordPress?

    • I need to support it, so I ought to eat my own dog food
    • This WordPress for Android app is really good! ..easy Android Share link interface with other Android apps
    • 20% of the visible web marketshare means this old PHP workhorse is not going to be replaced any time soon
    • I repect the leadership if Matt Mulenweg as benevolant dictator  and Automatic the 800lb gorilla in the ecosytem 

    Problems I have with WordPress:

    • the Plugin freemium business model is not my cup of tea
    • Wish I could do some more complex taxonomy stuff in the Android app.
    • I never did master PHP and niw I have to reconsider my language priorties 
    • I wish I could use a graph database or maybe I should look into sqlite?
    • Not sure how to intergrate this with git
    • I want my content in Semantic Web markup for AI reasoners and SPARQL